Mikael Hertig of Philtrum has an ambitious vision of Greenland as an IT nation in 2030 – hear about his goals and the actions required to reach them.

How can the digital revolution enable the development of knowledge-based societies and economies in the Arctic? Rasmus G. Bertelsen, inaugural Barents Chair in Politics at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø and Assistant Professor at the University of Aalborg, outlines his perspectives on the future in this keynote presentation.

What are key factors to successful implementation of IT projects in the Arctic? Kristian Sørensen, Senior Principal with Devoteam, provides insight into why projects fail and how you can ensure that all parties in a project are pulling in the same direction.

Greenland is the most challenging part of the NORA-region for ICT infrastructure. In this presentation, John Siegstad of Tele Greenland tells us how they are currently offering ICT services in the country, and what their future prospects are.

Sheila Downer has almost three decades of experience working with various stakeholders in Labrador, Canada. In this presentation, she shares her in-depth understanding of the implementation process of ICT infrastructure and solutions, and how digitazation has transformed professional and social life in Labrador.

Have you heard about the Gjógv syndrome? It is the starting point when prominent Faroese entrepreneur Olavur Ellefsen outlines his vision for how the region should embrace education, migration towards urban centers, and digitalization – or else risk falling behind.

How is our neighbor in the west, Canada, handling Arctic ICT infrastructure development? Adam Fiser from the Center for the North shares his insight into the current state of affairs, and sheds light on great challenges that lay ahead in connecting northern Canada, even in the near future.

Vestmannaeyjar is a small island group on the south side of Iceland - and home to the first of Iceland's three Fab Lab digital workshops. Manager Frosti Gíslason shows how they have brought digitization and innovation to this fishing community.

Since its establishment in 2006, Highsoft, based in the small town of Vik, Western Norway, has become a world leader in its field. Its story is the perfect narrative for Digital Arctic - watch it now.

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In rural Iceland there exist some people that still believe that free enterprise will better the infrastructure by filling gaps that are left by the old monopoly company, writes the ICT entrepreneur Björn Davíðsson in this monthly commentary.



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