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Action Plan 2017

From Strategy to Action Plan

The NORA committee has adopted a new strategic programme for 2017-2020.
The programme builds on the earlier strategic programme and on the OECD report Territorial Review of the NORA Region. Another point of departure for the strategy is NORA’s mission to stimulate cooperation between the countries and central actors in the NORA region around common challenges and solutions, in order to strengthen the political and economic development of the region as a whole.

In this action plan the strategy’s goal are concretised in several initiatives to be carried out during 2017. These initiatives are based in NORA’s role as a project supporting, agenda setting and alliance building organisation.

Implementation of NORA’s New Strategy

This action plan covers the first year of the new strategy. Therefore, special emphasis will be placed on adjusting NORA’s organisational praxis to support the implementation of the strategy as well as possible. Furthermore, several supporting functions, e.g. communication, will be developed during the early stages of the period.

NORA Youth Initiative

The strategy includes a youth initiative, which NORA wishes to implement in close cooperation with North Atlantic youth organisations. Therefore, NORA will initiate a North Atlantic Youth Forum and support its first assembly.

North Atlantic Think Tank

The North Atlantic Think Tank consist of eight persons from the NORA region. Their task is to propose politically independent recommendations on how to strengthen cooperation between countries in the region. The think tank’s members were changed in 2016. Until now, the Think Tank has proposed four recommendations, which have generated debate in the region and have resulted in concrete initiatives, including a joint west Nordic Master’s degree.

The think tank will meet once in 2017.

Action Plan 2016 – Follow Up

The 2016 Action Plan included two initiatives that the NORA committee wishes to build upon. First, regarding the Fab-Lab summer school, NORA will, in cooperation with the region’s master craftsman’s unions, take the initiative to hold a Fab-Lab course for apprentices. Second, in 2017 the network for event tourism is expected to commence a project on a North Atlantic manual for event tourism.

Two Application Deadlines for Project Proposals

Supporting projects is a pivotal tool in meeting the goals of the strategy. The projects are also an important part of NORA’s link to the region’s stakeholders.

The committee has decided that calls for project proposals will occur in two rounds every year, one in the spring, the other in the fall.

Potential support focus areas or restrictions will be stipulated when the calls are announced.

Information and Communication

NORA will review and update its website, with a focus on dynamic dissemination of information and an updated user interface. Emphasis will be placed on the presentation of projects. The visual profile will also be discussed and possibly changed. The strategy’s plan for communication will be discussed in one of the first meetings of the committee.

North Atlantic Development Strategy – NAUST

The committee of senior officials for regional policies has called for the wording of a North Atlantic Development Strategy for Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and coastal Norway. NORA will function as secretariat for this process. The strategy proposal shall be presented in August/September 2017.

Cooperation with the Faroese Ministry for Fisheries

NORA has an agreement with the Faroese Ministry of Fisheries on two projects that constitute the completion of the 2015 Danish/Faroese presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers. These are the two bioeconomy projects “Bioeconomy in Small Islands and Remote Coastal Areas” and “Fish and Fashion.” The projects shall be completed in 2017.