Guide for Project Funding

NORA provides financial grants in support of collaborative projects involving partners from at least two of the four NORA countries (Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Coastal Norway). 

In NORA’s Strategic Programme 2017-2020 the following are selected as the major focus areas for NORA’s project support:

  • Creative industries. ‘Creative industries’ means activities based in the creativity, knowledge and talents of individuals, which will result in welfare and work  potential by generating and exploiting intellectual capital. NORA prioritises projects that have a job creation or commercial potential.
  • Green energy. Green energy solutions shall be developed and  implemented on land and at sea. NORA prioritises projects that address green solutions on-board ships and in sparsely populated areas.
  • Bioeconomy.  Innovation shall result in the development of value chains of already utilised resources, new value chains and sustainable food systems. NORA prioritises projects that develop local culinary value chains, address resources with low food miles, focus on the distribution of traditional regional food, or exploit unused or little used resources.
  • Sustainable tourism. Tourism shall contribute to the diversification of the region’s fragile economies while at the same time make the tourist industry more sustainable. NORA prioritises projects that strengthen tourism in the outlying areas, and innovative and sustainable tourism products and concepts. The region’s cultural heritage ought to be one of the points of departure in product development.
  • Information and communication technology. ICT is an important factor in overcoming vast distances. NORA wants to contribute to the development of ICT solutions adapted to the region.
  • Welfare services. Cooperation in the region that addresses the challenges faced by the vast distances and the lack of critical mass of experts and patients/clients is pivotal for the region’s future. NORA will prioritise the development of relevant, region specific solutions
  • Maritime safety/prepareness. The increase in shipping in the North Atlantic and the Arctic creates new, complex challenges in the region. NORA wants to focus on the relevant challenges and possible solutions.

NORA also focuses on strengthening the cooperation with the Nordic neighbours in the West. NORA therefore encourages projects with partners from especially Canada and Scotland.

NORA supports a variety of different projects. Common to all projects, however, is that they are all relevant to the organizations overarching goal: creating a powerful North Atlantic region noted for its strong, sustainable economic development. 

Click on the links above for guidance about the project application process. The different sections of the guide provide information you will find useful whether you are considering seeking a grant, need to report on the progress of your project, or you need to submit a final report and accounting of your project. It’s all here in one easy-to-use guide. 

October 2, 2017 is the deadline to seek project funding in the current application round.