Guide for Project Funding

NORA provides financial grants in support of collaborative projects involving partners from at least two of the four NORA countries (Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Coastal Norway). 

In NORA’s Strategic Programme 2012-2016 three of the main challenges in the NORA Region are selected as the major focus areas for NORA’s project support:

  • Refining our strengths by supporting a sustainable development of the region’s main economic sector. Project support is granted to innovative projects within fisheries and marine resources. E.g. projects with a focus on by-products and previously unexploited resources.
  • Developing new opportunities by supporting diversification of the region’s economies. Support is granted to projects that seek to develop new business opportunities, products, production methods, and marketing strategies. E.g. projects within tourism, agriculture or renewable energy.
  • Coping with distances by supporting better infrastructure and connectivity in the NORA Region. Support is given to projects that focus on communication technology, development of the regional transport network and action-oriented analyses. E.g. projects that seek to develop innovative ICT-solutions for the harsh conditions in the North Atlantic, or projects that create business opportunities in the region’s many remote societies.

NORA also focuses on strengthening the cooperation with the Nordic neighbours in the West. NORA therefore encourages projects with partners from especially Canada and Scotland.

NORA supports a variety of different projects. Common to all projects, however, is that they are all relevant to the organizations overarching goal: creating a powerful North Atlantic region noted for its strong, sustainable economic development. 

Click on the links above for guidance about the project application process. The different sections of the guide provide information you will find useful whether you are considering seeking a grant, need to report on the progress of your project, or you need to submit a final report and accounting of your project. It’s all here in one easy-to-use guide. 

March 13, 2017 is the deadline to seek project funding in the current application round.