The following forms are to be used to in connection with a NORA grant – from application to project conclusion.

  • Application
    This application form is mandatory and is used to apply for project funding from NORA. A detailed project description in pdf-format must accompany any application for funding, and shall include a comprehensive activity plan and budget. The English version of the Application is available here.
  • Management Contract (Danish)
    Once a proposed project is accepted by NORA, an authorisation letter is sent to the Project Leader. However, before a project can get underway, and the first funding increment disbursed, the Project Leader and NORA shall enter into a binding managing agreement. Two copies of the Management Contract must be completed, printed out and signed. The two signed copies may be sent to the NORA main secretariat in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands either by regular post or scanned and forwarded electronically via e-mail to The standard Management Contract is currently available only in Danish and may be downloaded here.
  • Status Report (Danish)
    This form is initially completed upon the execution of the Management Contract. The first Status Report must be completed and submitted to NORAs main secretariat via e-mail at Subsequently, regular status reports are submitted to keep NORA fully briefed on the progress of the project. A current status report, including any explanatory supporting documents, must always be submitted with a request for an incremental disbursement of project grant funds. The Status Report may be downloaded here (Danish only).
  • Disbursement Request (Danish)
    This form is submitted when the project participants desire an incremental disbursement of appropriated grant funds. As noted above, such a request for disbursement must be accompanied by a current status report. The Disbursement Request may be downloaded here (Danish only).