What does NORA do?

NORA’s main objectives and focus areas set out in NORA’s strategic programme. NORA’s committee formulates annual action plans that set out the initiatives NORA will take in order to reach the organization’s objectives.

Strategic Initiatives

NORA initiates and participates in strategic projects that strengthen the cooperation between the four countries in the NORA region, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and coastal Norway. For example, NORA arranges conferences and initiates analyses that focus on regional issues. NORA has, among other things, been involved in an OECD review of the NORA region, which has systematically analysed the region’s challenges and opportunities.

Project Support

NORA offers a flexible source of funding for concrete collaborative projects, which include partners from at least two NORA countries. NORA, as an organisation, does not participate as a partner in these projects. Rather, NORA helps finance projects that contribute to the goals and objectives described in NORA’s strategic programme. NORA has two annual application rounds. For further information, click on Project Funding in the menu bar.

Sharing of information

NORA puts high priority on communication and strives to distribute news, analyses and other information of high quality to the North Atlantic public. News stories are published on NORA’s homepage and distributed in monthly newsletters. On facebook.com/noraregion, NORA frequently highlights regional news and events. For further information, click on Information in the menu bar.